Quad biking

Quad biking in Carpathians is an amazing event which worth telling. This is wonderful memory full of bright positive emotions! This experience will give you that adrenaline rush that you’ll never forget. Like a wind, you will be free and will appreciate the majesty of the nature. You will fall in love with the Carpathians Mountains- one of the unique places on the Earth.

For lovers of active leisure

Fans of extreme-active leisure will get a unique opportunity to check the strength of the nerves and compete with the nature of the Carpathians Mountains. This “iron horse” combines best qualities of motorcycle and SUV: maneuvering ability and off road capability. And what is the most important- unique bright impressions available to everyone. Before competing with the nature, you will receive professional instructions and necessary things for a trip. Special routes were designed for professionals. By the way, snowmobiling is also very interesting in winter time.

Quad biking is available in summer and winter. We have specially designed routes of different duration and complexity. Routes includes impassable terrains, mud baths, you can take off the ground and reach a mount or drive along the ridge. You will experience full range of positive emotions, learn how to overcome difficulties and will be re-newed and re-energised.

Peculiarities of quad biking

Speed, admiration, adrenaline, variety of bright emotions. If you like extreme, we may offer you quad biking trip along complete off-road. If you want to overcome your fears and insecurity, then exciting racing is for you. If you are a nerve tickler, then the best choice will be heavy-going route. What do you think? Can we make your dream come true by providing with necessary conditions for quad biking?

Do you want something really worth and unusual? Holiday with “four-legged friends”- sofa and TV is not for you? Than you must be well aware of quad biking! Hotel team will organize your holiday, full of interesting and breathtaking events and will provide you and your family with unforgettable emotions.

Advantages of active leisure

You can enjoy beautiful nature, extreme speed, overcome obstacles when you personally drive the quad. It is like faithful horse that will deliver you to any heavy-going place. Would you like a trip on a quad? Yes? You will definitely like it, no doubts.

During trip you will get a sea of positive emotions, bright memories, adrenaline and admiration from Carpathians nature. We will show you interesting routes and picturesque places. You will fill the real power of Carpathians, fill the connection with majestic mountains.

Unique routes will help you to obtain maximum pleasure! Even if it’s your first time, our professional team will be near. Route complexity for quad biking depends entirely on your wishes and capabilities.

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